Most of all, please send any videos you have of trails, summits, beaches or anything in the California Outdoors to: or post below.

Musicians: Please send your music for future videos.

Artists: Send over any landscapes and we will figure out how to add them into the site.

Writers & Poets: If you think about California and put those thoughts to paper, please send them to us. 

Feedback: If you know how to improve this site, please send your recommendations.

Funds: All $2.00 donations go to supporting the creation of more videos. Funds are used for gasoline, camera equipment, and other expenditures directly related to the creation of videos. If you would like to donate more than the $2.00 maximum donation, please contact Walkifornia via email. 

1 comment:

  1. I love your site.

    Great idea to combine trail-hints and videos. As a dog owner who takes the dogs wherever I can, I'd like to know which trails are possible and which not. So often I turned around because dogs are not allowed. Short note: dogs on leash ok, or dogs not allowed, or like Mission Peak from Milpitas side...dogs off leash are ok!!!

    That would be helpful...

    Thanks for all your work!