San Clemente Dam Removal & Carmel River Reroute Project

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ISSUE - When Do We Restore the Hetch Hetchy Valley? San Francisco depends on water and power stored in a dammed valley in Yosemite. Someday, the O'Shaughnessy Dam will go down and California will again see what John Muir described as "one of Nature's rarest & most precious mountain temples." However, it is unlikely that we will stretch our necks to look up at the walls of the Hetch Hetchy Valley anytime soon. Long time U.S. Senator, Dianne Feinstein, believes there "is simply no feasible way to replace the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, return the valley to its original condition and still provide water to the Bay Area." Senator Feinstein makes a valid argument that "right now" is not the time to take down the O'Shaughnessy Dam. Can you foresee a day when we can take down the dam Senator Feinstein?

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ISSUE - California State Parks are at Risk: The prospect and reality of park closures in California is concerning. This group created a video of a journey through California to elevate public awareness about the closure of 70 state parks.

Opportunities to contribute to this project: The First 70


  1. Hello,

    I have been thinking a lot about smart water and energy usage lately. And it got me thinking about Hetch Hetchy.

    Is Hetch Hetchy primarily for drinking water, or hydro-electricity?

    Since over 32% of household water usage is for landscaping, what if the county governments incentivized bay area residents to install grey water or rainwater systems? They could perhaps refund part of their property tax in exchange for installing a greywater landscaping sytem? There are several completely low cost home made greywater systems, and there are more sophisticated ones like the Flowtender. What if 50% of San Francisco and other bay area residents had grey water systems? That would save a TON of water.

    If it is for hydro-electric, what about incentivizing people to install solar panels on their roofs? Again, make it a goal that 50% of residences and businesses be retrofitted for solar panels.

    As far as why retrofitting should deserve a tax rebate; if these people are using less electiricity or water then they are not burdening the public utitlity systems as much, and thus saving the county overall by using smarter water and electric systems.

  2. Your videos and comments here are smart and thought provoking. If only those that have given there lives in the pursuit of money could have their hearts changed to see the destruction they leave in the wake of their lust. I still look upon the days of my Grandmother in a picture, watering her trees with a basin of used/recycled dishwater. And to see those trees full grown today is a testimony of history we should remember lest we fall into the trappings of a lust for wealth. Tax incentive should be for those that conserve our countries natural wealth and preserve the environment. Not for those that are so wealthy they can buy the government into destroying nature for their temporary life of luxury and lust. This world As Muir would put it is a a temple of God's creation for us to marvel and enjoy. But to destroy it in pursuit of wealth is to deny God and worship man as a god thus falling victim to the lies of the devil. To take a hammer to a gift your father so thoughtfully gave is a tragedy and a cause worth fighting to preserve. Thank you for your page and efforts. please continue in your passion.Your work is moving and worthy.