Mt. Shasta, Mount Shasta Wilderness, California

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    Description:   While second in height, the Summit of Shasta offers the truest sense of standing at the highest point in California. Climbing the Avalanche Gulch Route is challenging and should be done with a guide or knowledgeable friend if you have never used an ice axe and crampons before. The experience is the pinnacle of embracing California.
    Location:   Mount Shasta Wilderness
    Summit Elevation:   14,179 feet
    Trailhead Elevation:   6,950 feet
    Distance to Summit:   5.5 miles from Bunny Flat to the summit (11.0 miles round trip)
    Permit/Fees:   Summit Passes are required to climb or ski above 10,000 ft in the Mount Shasta Wilderness. 3-day summit passes are $20 and available self issue at open trailheads (including Bunny Flat Parking Area), outside the Mt. Shasta Ranger Station 24 hours a day, and at a variety of outdoor stores in Northern California.
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