Panther Beach, Santa Cruz, California

Beach Information:
Description: Amazing sand beach with a large arch.
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Surf Report: Surfline

Getting There:
General Information: Parking is on the side of the highway. You will need to watch carefully for the parking area. You can see it on Google Maps below. Once you park, head north and you will drop down a steep trail. It is about a 5 minute walk from the parking area to the beach.
Address: See Google Map below for trailhead location.

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  1. Beautiful beach, but it is definately not in Seaside. I live in Seaside. This beach is actually north of Santa Cruz. At least, that is where the little flag is for the location.

  2. KP thanks for the comment and the fix.

  3. Keep up the great work Ryan! I am so grateful that I stumbled across your blog while looking at YouTube videos of Big Sur. A couple weeks ago I told my husband that we needed to start visiting all these state parks while they were still open, and you've totally inspired me to stick to that.

  4. Hi, nice to share the location of this beautiful beach. Used to be less-known which was nice as a local but at the same time the beaches are for all to explore and love and I despise a locals-only attitude. BUT I must say that the video ruins it as a surprise for anyone that's not been there but sees how to get there via this page... Even though it's a beautiful shot of the arch, it gives away the awesomeness felt when you discover it yourself and look through to the daunting waves. Just my opinion... thoughts?

    Also, you could add onto this page a link to SaveOurShores and some info on keeping the beach clean since Panther Beach has gotten pretty spoiled over the years and Skulls Cove now as well....