SKYLINE TRAIL: A Video of the Trail from Huddart Park to Wunderlich Park

BRIEF SUMMARY The hike from Huddart Park to Wunderlich Park is a rolling 4.8 mile section (9.6 round-trip) with less than 500 feet of total climbing. The trail starts on Kings Mountain Road a few miles above the Huddart Park official entrance. Second-growth Redwoods, madrones, coast live oaks, ferns, moss, banana slugs, and wildflowers will join you as you saunter through a mostly shaded forest. The video below offers a clear idea of what the hike is like and how to prepare for the trail. I also provide planning recommendations, helpful links, and a gear list below. I respond to all posts in the comment section.

Trekking Backpack Arc'teryx Bora 80 This backpack cost me a paycheck and it is paying off. Five years of hard use in the outdoors haven't taken any life out of my Bora 80. The pack fits perfect because it molded itself to my back and was designed for my height (comes in 3 sizes). No pack performs better for more people. The price of this pack means very little if you use it hard for 10 years.
Water Bottle 32 Ounce All of my nalagene bottles have lasted for 5-15 years. They are tough and they can hold boiling water. Filling a nalagene with boiling water and then sticking it my sleeping bag has saved me from freezing on many trips. Metal bottles and most plastic bottles cannot hold boiling water, believe me, I've tried.
Boiling Stove Jetboil Personal Cooking System 2 Cups of boiling water in 2.5 minutes saves you in cold weather. I take this stove everywhere and it has served as a life-line on cold nights.

Trail: Huddart Park to Wunderlich Park Starting at Kings Mountain Road Just Below Skyline Blvd
Distance: 9.6 miles (trail is an out-and-back)
Trailhead Elevation: 1,820 ft
Summit Elevation: 2,000 (no summit, only an approximate high point)
Estimated Climb: 500 ft (full out-and-back)
Estimated Time: X
Water Sources: None
Bathrooms: None
Open Hours: The park opens at 8am. This trail is accessible at all times.
Highlights: Large second-growth redwoods and douglas fir trees on a rolling shaded trail with occassional views of the south bay.

Camping: Group camping by reservation: 650.851.4021 (reservation line)
Fires: Barbeques are allowed only in barbeque pits using charcoal; no portable barbeques.
Dogs: Not permitted
Horseback Riding: Many trails in the park allow horseback riding. You are likely to see other horses on the trail.
Mountain Biking: Not permitted
Motorcycle: Not permitted
4X4 Vehicle: Not permitted
Hunting: Not Permitted
Fishing: Not Permitted
Hang/Paragliding Not permitted
RC Aircraft Not permitted
Other Archery Range managed by Kings Mountain Archers:

Winter: Fine on rainy days. Be careful on exceptionally windy days because trees do fall.
Spring: My favorite because of the wildflowers and green moss on all the rocks.
Summer: Lots of shade provides a cooler hike on a summer day.
Fall: Always nice and an occassional patch of fall colors.

Birds: Wrentits, acorn woodpeckers, chickadees, towhees, scrub jays, and stellar jays.
Mammals: Black-tailed deer, racoons, squirrels, brush rabbits,
Reptiles: Lizards, gopher snakes, and rattle snakes.
Fish: None
Insects & Spiders: Please post a comment if you know more.

Trees: Second-growth redwoods, Douglas fir, tanoak, madrone, California laurel, and coast live oak.
Flowers: Sticky monkeyflower, western hound's tongue, Indian warrior, and Fremont's star lily.
Other Plants: Sword fern, redwood sorrel, manzanita, chamise, chaparral pea, yerba santa, and pioson oak.
Mushrooms: Yes

Phone Contact: 650.851.1210 (General Huddard County Park phone number)
Advice: Watch out for poison oak. This is a great trail if you are looking for shade in the summer.
Entrance Fee: None (if you park at the Google Map location below, there is no fee).
Permits: None for hiking. You need a permit to camp.
Permit Contact: Permit reservations may be purchased by calling 650.363.4021
Trail Map:
Book: TBD

Address: Look at the Google Map location for the true starting point. The park address is different from where you start. Here is the park address: 1100 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside, CA
Parking: A few spots are generally available on the side of Kings Mountain Road. See the Google Map location.
Google Maps:
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Founded: TBD
Land Owner: San Mateo County Parks
Park Office: 650.851.1210

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